Tests Prove The Difference

We’ve rigorously tested our product to ensure it offers the optimum protection for saddle panels – read on for our test results...

We repeated our testing using a gel filled 3/4 inch thick Port Lewis Impression Pad. The difference was striking – with a SaddleMattress in place, no damaging pressure points were observed.

NO SaddleMattress

WITH SaddleMattress

We even asked a saddle fitting professional to run a comparable test using advanced pressure sensor technology and the results were similarly impressive. With no saddle protection, pressure is clearly exerted along the length of the bars and panels creating many areas of high pressure and damage hot spots (indicated in green, yellow and red). Conversely, with a SaddleMattress in place, the weight of the saddle was redistributed over a much larger surface area minimizing pressure and eliminating hot spots.

NO Saddlemattress


WITH SaddleMattress