We're glad you've discovered SaddleMattress! Click on the image of the rack you use to see our SaddleMattress models.

At SaddleMattress we’re passionate about saddle performance and fit for the comfort of the horse. We believe that saddle panels should conform to a horse’s back and not the bars of a rack they rest on.

That’s why we created SaddleMattress – the first product dedicated to protecting the panels of a saddle when stored on a saddle rack.

SaddleMattress is uniquely designed to cushion saddle panels, protecting them from damaging pressure and helping to maintain their integrity and balance for optimum performance. It’s technically smart and superbly practical, designed by an equestrian for equestrians.

Click on the image of the rack you use to see our SaddleMattress models.  Our products also fit on trailer racks and wheeled saddle racks.  If you are unsure which model you need for your rack simply send a picture of your rack to Lisa@saddlemattress.com.  We also have a demo program whereby you can try one of our models before purchasing. Simply send us an email requesting a demo and we will get one out to you - all we need is your name and address!

Our saddle rack of choice is the standard English saddle rack (used with a SaddleMattress of course!).  We offer these racks at no extra charge with the purchase of SaddleMattress Supreme.  Just add the saddle rack to your shopping cart and then enter FREE RACK in the coupon code box at checkout.  Simple!

Still have questions? Email them to us and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you for protecting your saddle :)


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