SaddleMattress Specifications, Installation and Care

How big is a SaddleMattress?

SaddleMattress Supreme:

Our SaddleMattress Supreme model is 22.5 inches long x 13 inches wide x 3 inches tall. 

Most standard English saddle racks are 22 inches long by 10 inches wide so SaddleMattress has some built in tolerance for width and length. 

The central ridge of our product fits within the gullet of a saddle for support and so the additional height added to the saddle/rack combination is approximately 2 inches; that way if there is another saddle rack above yours, the saddles are not squashed too close together.

SaddleMattress Vertex:

Each SaddleMattress Vertex is 23 inches long x 16 inches wide x 3 inches tall at its center point.  Because this model is "hinged" in the middle it can be made narrower using the adjustable Velcro straps to secure it to the rack. 

If you are unsure whether SaddleMattress will fit, we can send you a demo to try - please call us at 1-877-482-2524 or email

How do you attach a SaddleMattress to a saddle rack?

SaddleMattress Supreme:

1) Locate the pocket on the underside of the SaddleMattress.

2) Inside the pocket are 2 Velcro seals – gently ease the Velcro apart to open the pocket and slide it over the back of the rack. Push the SaddleMattress as far forward as you can, it should fully cover the rack from front to back.

3) While holding the mattress in place, press the bottom of the pocket up into the mattress to reseal the Velcro along the entire length of each strip.  It is important that the Velcro seals in the gap between the bars of the rack.

4) To remove the SaddleMattress, simply put your hand inside the pocket and gently ease the Velcro apart.

Please note: Each SaddleMattress features a notch to grip the raised bar at the front of the saddle rack. Over time, your SaddleMattress will conform to the shape of the rack as it absorbs the pressure exerted on it.

SaddleMattress Vertex:

SaddleMattress Vertex has 2 pairs of Velcro straps attached to its base.  Simply place the SaddleMattress on your saddle rack and then wrap the straps snugly around the bars of the rack and join with the Velcro to keep it in place.  To remove simply pull the Velcro straps apart.

Care and Maintenance

All SaddleMattresses come with a high quality removable cover. For simple upkeep, use the following guidelines:

  • For quick and easy cleaning use a sticky roll to lift dust and debris off the cover.
  • The interior foam pad should NOT be laundered.
  • SaddleMattress Supreme and Vertex - Micro suede covers can be removed for cleaning; for best results, we recommend dry cleaning. Alternatively, machine wash separately in cold water with a mild detergent (DO NOT use bleach) and lay flat to dry (DO NOT put in dryer)
Please note: Over time, your SaddleMattress will conform to the shape of the rack as it absorbs the pressure exerted on it.

SaddleMattress is intended for use underneath a saddle on a saddle rack only. It should NEVER be used on an equine.

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