How big is a SaddleMattress?

SaddleMattress Supreme:

Our SaddleMattress Supreme model is 22.5 inches long x 13 inches wide x 3 inches tall. 

Most standard English saddle racks are 22 inches long by 10 inches wide so SaddleMattress has some built in tolerance for width and length. 

The central ridge of our product fits within the gullet of a saddle for support and so the additional height added to the saddle/rack combination is approximately 2 inches; that way if there is another saddle rack above yours, the saddles are not squashed too close together.

SaddleMattress Vertex:

Each SaddleMattress Vertex is 23 inches long x 16 inches wide x 3 inches tall at its center point.  Because this model is "hinged" in the middle it can be made narrower using the adjustable Velcro straps to secure it to the rack. 

If you are unsure whether SaddleMattress will fit, we can send you a demo to try - please call us at 1-877-482-2524 or email

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