Your Saddle Panels Are Being Damaged Every Day

Many equestrians see no harm in storing a saddle on a wooden or steel bar saddle rack like this one. But equine saddle professionals know that costly damage can be done to a saddle's panels when stored this way.

The pressure exerted by the steel bars causes deep ridges and indentations to form in the panels and flocking, ultimately compromising balance, fit, and performance. You might not notice it, but your horse and your back definitely will! Depending upon the type of saddle and flocking you have, the damage to your saddle could be irreversible.

Observational studies, professional experiences, and product tests attest to the damage. For example, we took a gel-filled 3/4 inch thick Port Lewis Impression pad and placed it under a saddle on a saddle rack. The severe impressions in the gel indicate the forces your saddle panels are exposed to on a saddle rack.


Smart Design Inside and Out

Our unique, patented SaddleMattress is the culmination of 5 years of product development and testing. The product design combines materials, technology, and precision engineering to provide 3-way protection:


  1. Reduces pressure – Our base layer is designed with a special coating to provide a protective shock-absorbing barrier that significantly reduces damaging pressure.
  2. Redistributes weight and balance - Our unique contoured weight bearing layer lifts and properly redistributes the weight and balance of the saddle.
  3. Cushions – Our center ridge supports the saddle through the gullet allowing the panels to rest cushioned on two beveled fins.

Each SaddleMattress has a zippered cover for easy removal and laundering. The underside of the cover features a pocket that slides over the back of the saddle rack and secures with 2 Velcro seals – once secured, SaddleMattress hugs the rack and stays in place when removing and replacing a saddle.

We've rigorously tested our product to ensure it offers the optimum protection for saddle panels – see below for test results.


Tests Prove The Difference

We've rigorously tested our product to ensure it offers the optimum protection for saddle panels – read our test results.

We repeated our testing using a gel-filled 3/4 inch thick Port Lewis Impression Pad. Again, the difference was striking – with a SaddleMattress in place, no damaging pressure points were observed.

NO SaddleMattress

WITH SaddleMattress

We consulted with a saddle fitting professional to run a comparison test using advanced pressure sensor technology, and the results were similarly impressive. Without SaddleMattress protection, pressure is exerted along the length of the bars and panels, creating many areas of high pressure and damaged hot spots (indicated in green, yellow, and red). Conversely, when a SaddleMattress is in place, the saddle's weight is redistributed over a much larger surface area, minimizing pressure and eliminating hot spots.

NO SaddleMattress

WITH SaddleMattress



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