Your Saddle Panels Are Being Damaged Every Day

Many equestrians see no harm in storing a saddle on a wooden rack or steel bar saddle rack like this one. But we and equine saddle professionals know the real damage and harm that is done to the panels of a saddle when stored this way.

Observational studies, professional experiences and product tests all attest to the damage. We took a gel filled 3/4 inch thick Port Lewis Impression pad and placed it under a saddle on a saddle rack. The severe impressions left in the gel indicate the forces your saddle panels are exposed to on a saddle rack.

The pressure exerted by the steel bars causes deep ridges and indentations to form in the panels and flocking, ultimately compromising balance, fit and performance. You might not notice it but your horse definitely will! Depending upon the type of saddle and flocking you have, the damage to your saddle could be irreversible.