We love this bungee for securing a saddle while in transit to a competition or anywhere you take your horse.  It's flat so it won't dig into your saddle like a normal bungee would.  It also means it will stay in place and not roll over the top of your saddle.  The hooks at either end are reinforced steel and  best of all - it's adjustable from 10" to 48"!

Here's what we recommend ......Ensure you have a SaddleMattress Vertex over your trailer saddle rack to protect the panels of your saddle.  Then put your saddle on the SaddleMattress and use the bungee to ensure everything stays safely and securely in place.

Place the flat fabric of the bungee over the top of your saddle and simply stretch the two ends with hooks to secure to each other or to the rack.  You can tighten the tension with the adjustable end to really ensure a secure saddle!

That's it - now your saddle is protected by a SaddleMattress and secured in place so it wont shift or risk falling while in transit.

Flat Bungee