SaddleMattress options that fit a Wooden Triangle Rack

SADDLEMATTRESS OPTIONS THAT FIT THIS RACKIf you have a triangular or "winged" saddle rack, whether its metal, wood or plastic, then you need a SaddleMattress Vertex.  You can choose a Signature Vertex with our logo or opt for a Personalized Vertex with your own choice of piping and embroidery.  

A SaddleMattress Vertex can support many types of saddle - dressage, jumping, Western, side saddle, endurance etc. 

The durable ultra suede cover has 4 adjustable Velcro straps to quickly and easily secure the SaddleMattress in place. If traveling to a show or clinic, simply remove the SaddleMattress and install it in your trailer or on your folding travel rack.

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Please note that because a personalized SaddleMattress is uniquely created for each customer, returns or replacements will incur a fee.  Please allow 10 days for delivery (please email if you need a rush order).  Shipping rates include handling.