BrowBandana Signature in BLACK

BrowBandana Signature in BLACK

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Our Black BrowBandana with our signature gold and sea blue logo and gold piping features a double layer of protection to help protect your bling browband from dust, dirt and damage while stored in a tack room. 

This neat little cover protects your tack investment and makes your tack room look neat and tidy. A beautiful way to identify your bridle and makes a great gift for yourself or others!.   Can also be matched with our BridleMattress to complete the look.

The beautiful cover is easily installed and removed with 4 magnetic snaps to keep it in place.  It is easily spruced up with a sticky lint roller.

Available in 2 styles to fit a Straight or Curved Browband and in 5 sizes to provide full coverage of the bling:

Oversize 16" wide x 2.5" high  

Warmblood 15" x 2.5" high

Horse 14" wide x 2.5" high

Cob 13" wide x 2.5" high

Pony 12" wide x 2.5" high

To find your size:

Measure the length of your browband excluding the loops and round down to the closest BrowBandana size e.g. an 14.5" browband uses a 14" Horse BrowBandana.


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BrowBandana Signature in BLACK

BrowBandana Signature in BLACK

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